Cooking With Cave Man


I’m Cavewoman, a lucky woman to have found my perfect match. Always had a history of camping and hiking throughout Wyoming, Montana, Utah and Colorado. Been as high as 14, 309ft and have always loved the woods….that’s when I knew my Indiana heritage wouldn’t give me the playground I needed to cope. So I moved West, into Arizona where I met my caveman. We both share a love for deep pine tree forest, nature and lakes. It wasn’t until I camped with Caveman that I knew what it was like to eat like a KING in the woods! One of our first camping trips, I found myself taking photos not of the beautiful scenery, but of the dutch oven creations! The smells carried over to the campers around us, and I knew no one was going to eat like us! We feasted on everything from double bacon burgers, to eggs/potato/cheese burritos, to steak and chicken pot pie meals better than home cooked on the stove! I fell even more in love with my caveman and our camping trips.

There is nothing we wont try, as long it contains meat and bacon! Even our family and friends that have gone camping with us, still talk about the experiences they had with Caveman and his delicious camping food. We invite you to join us, through our journey in life, in the woods, but most importantly – IN FOOD!